Beaba (bay-ah-bah) is an institute whose mission is to demystify cancer, providing information about the disease and treatment in a clear, objective and optimistic way, for children, adolescents and their caregivers.


World Summit Awards Health & Well Being winner.

Indie Prize Award Winners at Casual Connect USA.

Best impact games in Games For Change.

Global Health & Well Being Champion Award WSA 2018.

Winner at Vienna Start-up Package 2018.


14.000 Alpha Beat Cancer had more
than 14 thousand downloads.

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6.500 More than 6 thousand
Beabook were distributed.

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7 Seven hospitals participating
in the Beaba Camping.

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46 Support group for adults,
Cuidar had 46 meetings.


4.700 Patients received blood donation
through Blood Donor Buddy.

100 More than 100 psychological
during 2018.


26.450 Benefited Patients

700.000 Impacted People

5 Years of Beaba


520.000 Thousands of interactions
through #PoeFiltro hashtag.

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100.000 More than thousands impacted
on Beaba educational actions.

1.250 Over a thousand Beaba Hygiene
were distributed to patients.

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Sustainable Development Goals

Beaba follows the UN Agenda 2030 acting directly and indirectly in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), with emphasis on the above objectives.