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Impact and transform the lives of children with cancer and their families

8,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Brazil (INCA, 2019) and more than 5,000 of them are on the waiting list to receive our guide.

The purpose of this action is to produce 6,000 guides for the 3th edition of the Beaba Cancer Guide.

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Beaba do Câncer

Can you imagine being diagnosed with cancer? And still have to learn several scary terms?

That’s why there is the Beaba do Câncer! A quick guide that demystifies, explains and illustrates the terms of the oncological universe in a clear, objective and optimistic way.

The guide is an instrument that engages and empowers the patient, promotes greater adherence to treatment and enables more effective communication between health professionals, patients and family members.

I have doubts!

How to donate?
To donate you have to click in one of the squares with the amount you want, choose the quantity of quotas and the payment method.

What is Beaba do Câncer 3rd Edition crowdfunding?
This crowdfunding aims to produce 6 thousand guides and afford all the expenses necessary to revision and production of the new edition.This includes other expenses: updating the guide, graphic printing, packaging, shipping, operation, bank charges, etc.

What are the production costs of the 3rd Edition of the guide?
The expenses included in this crowdfunding are all the production costs of 6 thousand guides (graphic printing, cleaning, packing, shipping operation, bank expenses, maintenance of Beaba… It’s a lot!).

What is Beaba do Câncer?
It is a quick guide with the main terms of oncological universe that small patients and their companions need to know.

Why is Beaba do Câncer important?
Because it’s an instrument that engages and empowers the patients to increase their adherence to treatment, which offers an understanding of the oncological universe to children/adolescents and their families and also brings the health team closer to the patients and families, improving the quality of life of everyone involved in the treatment process.

Who will receive the guide for free?
Children and adolescents aged 0 to 18 years old who are diagnosed with cancer.

What are the payment methods?
Payment can be made by credit card, PayPal, PagSeguro and deposit or bank transfer.

I want to donate/receive a number of guides that is not described. What to do?
By choosing one of the options to donate you can change the number of items you want when the product is in the cart. Example: if you want to donate 7 guides, you must select the option “I want to donate a guide” and change the quantity to 7 items before finalizing the purchase and making the payment.

I want to donate/receive a quantity of guides not described. What to do?
If your need has not been solved changing the quantity of items/quotas informed above or for any other contribution not described, please contact us through the email

How long is the crowdfunding campaign for the 3rd Edition of the guide?
The campaign will be available until November 27, in the week of the National Day to Combat Childhood Cancer.

When will guides start shipping? When will I receive my guide?
As soon as the campaign is over, we will compute the donations to start the production of the guides and subsequently the entire logistical organization of delivery. Considering all the deadlines, we estimate to start shipping from the second half of December for the Bear to spend New Year in many new homes! Unfortunetely, we can’t promise as the shipping/recieving period may be affected by the post office and logistics companies.

What happens if the goal is not reached on time?
At the end of the crowdfunding period, we will gather all donations and recalculate for the production according to what was collected. We will inform the result on the official page and Beaba’s social network. Help us to reach the goal so we can donate many guides together!

What happens if the goal is reached and exceeded?
If we reach the goal, we will duplicate the goal? Hahaha, just kidding! If we exceed the initial goal, we will recalculate to further increase even more donations of guides!