In addition to all the projects we have with help of partners and donors, Beaba need to pay their costs to sustain itself. Thank you that collaborate monthly:

Adriana de Mauro
Celeste Gonzalez
Carolina Sebastiany
Cíntia Coelho
Cristiane Tamer
Dani Vellocet
Debbie Corrano
FACES Comunicação
Felipe Pacheco
Gica Yabu
Giuliano Barone
Heloisa de Paula
Jean Boechat
Júlia Goulart
Leandro Ogalha
Marina Borges
Mova Produtora
Patricia Marafigo
Paulo Al Assal
Renato Neto
Simone Mozzilli
Svetlana Paisagismo
Thiago Santa Rosa

I want to donate to Beaba

And allow more patients to benefit from the projects.

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